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I just converted 8 files, that are in divx format to 3gpp video for my fiancee cell phone in less than 4 minutes and they work like a charm. Each file is around 5mb each also. This coder also does videoput and videoget and what they do is produce gold from base metal.
I have yet to give a 10, but, adding all the items this company has done in the past and how impressive this product is they get a 10/10.
I can now go uninstall software I was using for the conversions.


It uses FFMPEG as it's internal engine which is an excellent converter. It's nice looking and tastefully graphical without being so shiny it looks cheap. The default settings are also very logical and sensible. Conversion speed is excellent, much quicker than anything else I have ever used. The application "videoformat" icons are simply PNG images allowing me to insert anything I like in there. The Language files are easily modifiable XML files allowing you to customize the language to anything you desire easily. if you are worried about the files names "IssSurvey" don;t be, they are part of the Innosetup installer. The developers appear to have a great attitude and a sense of humor from some of the dialogs which is VERY rare in the programming world. Rating SUPERB! 10/10, High regard for the way this software has been written and set out, a real credit to the developers, I wish other software designers would follow this lead instead of the plethora of garbage applications I see. I would highly recommend this, especially for the $20 they are asking, in fact I might actually pay them for it even though I got this copy for nix.


This is the software that I was looking for it . very fast and clean and complete with wide variety of converting. It helps me to decrease the file of Movie ( clip ) to smaller one so that I will be able to send them to others by email to their web email based.


This program converted the motion jpeg (mjpg, mjpeg) videos from my Canon camera. Most other free converters didn't. Thank you Nuclear Coffee.


I finally found a tool converting .ASX files correctly with video and audio synchronized and it did it very fast too :-)) I tried other software to convert .ASX files, but they didn't work at all. I like software from Nuclear Coffee!


I thought this software was GREAT!!! Easy to use, no hangups just a great program. Simple is always GOOD!!!