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Music Library Software My Music collection is popular and comprehensive music library software designed for music collectors, DJs or people with large CD collections to create organized CD, vinyl LPs or MP3s catalogs. Adding a CD to the music library software is really easy, simply insert it into your CD-ROM drive, scan its barcode or type artist and title to download all information from the Internet, including artist, title, release year, cover image, track titles and time.

My Music Collection allows you to search your database with any combination of data fields and operators. With this music library software you can create music database reports with exactly the layout you want, print or save it as HTML, XML, PDF, Excel or text file.

Additional features also include loan manager and statistics report. The loan manager allows users to keep track of CDs or vinyl records borrowed to friends, as well as loan date or due date. The music library software allows you to view collection statistics and generate a report. The report shows total statistics for your organized database, as well as allows you to view collection data grouped by various values (by artist, by release year, by genre, by country, etc.).

The music library software provides light and intuitive interface as well as solid amount of options allowing you to quickly and easily create, organize and manage your music collection.

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