Music Archive Software

Music Archive Software My Music Collection provides you with an innovative way to organize and manage your CDs, vinyl records and other media. This music archive software is designed to meet the needs any kind of collectors - from home users with large collections to professional DJs.

This music archive software provides options for adding either CDs or vinyl records. Simply insert a CD and My Music Software will automatically pull all information from several online databases. Adding a vinyl is practically the same; just enter artist and title, and the application fill find all missing information on the Web.

For those collectors who often borrow albums to friends, My Music Collector will also help to track which CDs were loaned, when and to whom.

The program also does an excellent job in searching through, filtering and managing your music collection. The music archive software does not only create a fully organized music inventory, but its filtering and sorting tools allow you to quickly find, filter or group items within the collection. You can also create a report and then print or save it into a variety of file formats. Additionally, you can create as many user-defined tracking categories as you want, and attach as many of these as you want to any CD, record or track.

The music archive software with its light and intuitive interface allows users to create, organize and manage music collections in just a few minutes.

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