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I have used VideoGet for about two years now. It was a Bits offering back then too, got it for about the same price.


Basically, this has allowed me to download and save videos from all the major video websites. It has worked flawlessly.

One of the best features of it is the ability to tell the program to save the video in whatever format you designate such as WMV (Microsoft's format), AVI, MPEG4, 3GP (cell phone format), etc.)

21 May 2009, Michael Mortimer

Allways quick respons - allways quick solution - allways quick help

Earlier I used some free stuff from internet but they could not download half of what I needed
From VideoGet I can download all I need from all web pages; and once I had a problem I could not use my downloaded files in Windows Moviemaker Irena from VideoGet same day I asked, send me the right settings in VideoGet (with attached image) and then it worked immediately

13 August 2011 Benny

Thank you so very much for the upgrade! Installed it and it's working flawlessly. I really do appreciate the assistance I get from you folks. It's so very rare in cyberland to find any customer service, that when I find it, I'm always delighted. I use VideoGet quite a bit and appreciate your service.

22 November 2010 WTS, Albuquerque

I bought 3 Nuclear Coffee products, Convertvid, Discripper and of course Videoget and am really pleased with them. They work perfectly and if I have a question the support team is there with the right answer. I wish all my suppliers were as professional as Nuclear Coffee.

06 August 2011 Dr M.S.Caplan

Ive been using Video Get for a long time now Ive downloaded 1000's of YouTube Video clips for my iPhone and other portable devices Its one of the best programs Ive seen so simple to use and the quality of the end product is great, Once I bought Video Get I never looked back. Recommended to everyone who uses YouTube for there music needs, Thanks nuclear-coffee for such a great program :)

06 August 2011 CraigR

Well I am a strong believer in the moral of those that are doing a great job. If a company is doing a great job and has great customer service they should be told they are doing a great job. It builds confidence in the hard work the employees are doing on a daily basis. Employees at Nuclear Coffee your doing a fine job. Keep up the good work.

25 August 2010 Ms.Sheila Snow

I have never been moved to rave about any program before. Videoget does a great job and tech support actually responds and does so in a timely manner.
I would purchase anything from this company.

04 December 2008. Beryl I. Chong

Pros: - Some videos were downloaded while the application was taken for a test run.

- Peaceful downloader without any nagware or pop-up crappola.
- Easy to install/un-install.

Cons: - Can experience erratic operational behavior.
- Inconsistant download capabilities due to a moderate interface mechanism.
- Does not address cache or sockets level stream management.

Summary: For a friendly streaming video downloader that is as polite to the client as it is to the server this tool is a 4 star deal. Many like minded tools nag or pop-up junk all over your system or are simply a registry hack's nightmare. This DM for online video is definitely novice oriented in design and hopefully in concept. At the moment it presents a decent capacity to become a competent solution for such a requirement but, it still isn't what the power user wants to believe.

It's an honest effort worthy of praise but, know up front it is a starting point product and neads much refinement through ernest development. There are far worse tools in this arena so, I make take no hesitation in stating that I enjoyed it while I used it.

It is worth the four stars in my opinion due to the fact that the developer(s) aren't fool of themselves but, rather trying their hand at some serious dev concerning network resources accessibilty and raw management. Keep up the good work.

3 December 2009, RR1K

I have looked for months for something like this. It easily downloads and converts videos from youtube, google video etc. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL, click the add key and a box pops up to paste the link in, you can either download it right then, or surf around for other stuff and add it to the list, then it will download the entire list and convert it after it finishes downloading. I really needed this to download to mp4 so it will play on my Zune.

I recommend this software to everyone that wants a good, easy to use video converter!

06 July 2008, isleepalldayy

I just purchased VideoGet. Downloaded and installed on XP-Pro without incident. After initial testing, I am very pleased. I am a complete online-video geek, and Video-Get will probably become one of my most used utilities. I've been looking for an all-in-one solution for online-videos so that I can burn my favorite videos to CD or DVD. So far this progam is easier and much more functional than trying to use web sites like "KeepVid".

28 May 2008, Stanley Boyett

This is a GREAT program. I like it because it is literally two to three clicks and you are playing downloaded videos on your PC or mobile phone.

The user interface is so intuitive that one does not need to even read instructions before playing or experimenting with it. I installed the program, opened it, pasted a YouTube URL [address] into the box, said to download and convert, and voila , I was playing a video on my PC.

Now as to details:

The install went without incident. Like you should do on any program, even if it does not say to do so, I rebooted my PC.

With a freshly booted machine I opened the program. I saw that there was a place to designate "where" to save the downloaded/converted videos. I chose what I always do, so I can find files later, I said to save files to my Windows Desktop.

I saw a box that said where to paste or insert the URL for the video I wanted to download. So I opened YouTube, copied the URL for that video, pasted it into the VideoGet box and pressed the "download" icon.

VideoGet downloaded the video and automatically converted the video into the format I chose. I went to my Desktop, double clicked the video, and my media player opened the file and played it perfectly.

I then went to MySpace to see if it would do the same. It worked fine on that site too.

I went to the Site and snooped around. Looks professional enough to where I think the Company will be around for a time which is important because software sites like VideoGet need to always be updating their programs so to keep up with the changes on YouTube, etc.

By the way, if you have install problems or the program does not work right, I have to say it must be your PC that is messing up. I say this because I have ZoneAlarm firewall and anti-virus programs running and have lots of other programs running too. If VideoGet installed and works on my PC I gotta say that it should work on other computers too.

20 October 2007, RotoRooterGuy

I did what u suggested and IT WORKED !!!!! I am so happy and ever so grateful to you. This software supports ever so many websites. That is the best part. That idea of asking for a feedback on uninstalling is very good. This is the best thing i have ever download from the net. Nuclear coffee has made my day. Thank you once again. You all are the best.

Thank you very much for your help. I finally got everything to work and I got all my JiJab videos downloaded with no further trouble. I tested it again this morning and everything is operating as it should. When I was having trouble, I looked at several different download software options and yours was the best. Also, you obviously have the best tech support. You get my recommendation.
W. Bexton

It works perfectly now. I'm satisfied with the trial and have purchased the VideoGet software. Thank you very much.
Dennis P.

Your programm is excellent!! I love it very much! Also the ConvertVid Programm!! And this for ever!??? Is this true??

Thank you so much for your prompt assistance! I was able to download the video successfully, and feel comfortable about buying the product now.

You are awesome (you helped me figure out the specific setting I would need for VideoGet for my phone last year). The ConvertVid, using the settings below, works perfectly now. Thank you so much. Have a terrific week.

Thank you so much! That's awesome, they work now, and I'm happy by the really quick reply that I got from you, without a doubt, I must say this is the best customer support EVER!!! You guys rock, the program is marvelous, and I might give some more feedback, so VideoGet becomes even better! Thanks again!

Great little program. simple to use- captures and converts flash video into different formats.
Bill S.

Pretty good piece of software. I really liked this program.
Dion Xenos

I find this a very easy program to use with plenty of choice. I can download files without having to wait and wait for the stream. There's some adult sites that I subscribe to however that aren't being serviced by the program, even though I've logged onto those sites. If the program had a facility for adding sites It'd me spot on perfect. As it is it's excellent! Thanks VideoGet.

Thanks for the free trial of this program! It helped me rip videos off google for an assignment i had to do :)

I love VideoGet and their support is great!
Stefan Mueller

VideoGet it's amazing, you can easy download every video you want from the web!

Nuclear Coffee Software created VideoGet to your satisfaction, a software capable of downloading the video content on a number of websites (100 plus) covering all the subjects, from learning lessons on how to handle certain software to entertaining with funny movies or even porn.
27 February 2007. Softpedia review

Gracious.... I really didn't think you would add it THAT fast. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks I'm telling everybody I know about VideoGet. Again thanks.
2 January 2007. David. R.

Wow.Yahoo. I have always been waiting and searching for a converter that can convert all my video. Now, no more hassle. Meet my requirement. Not just a converter but downloader and converter. Words can't express my feelings
11 April 2007. Desmond

You have a very efficient program, I am glad I purchased it.
J. Burnett

You have a great simple to use product.

Unbelievable! Excellent! Useful! Thank you Developers!
Kiril, Bulgaria

The program works good and fast. So in a scale from 0-10 I give the program 10 points.

handy time saving utility program: quick and easy installation and registration: wish they were all easy like that.

Fantastic I love it thanks I have been waiting for one of these for ages and it is so easy to use. Thanks

I've been waiting for something like this, if only could have gotten it earlier, then I didn't had to use youtube links on presentation. But again this is awesome. It downloads really fast, converts exactly as u want and very simple to use, just paste in the url and download the clip. This is a really cool, easy to use software and would recommend to anyone who watches videos online. I would give it 10 out of 10

So very cool. What a unique program this is. I downloaded and converted a fav youtube video to my cell phone. Gonna wow all my friends now!

This is a must for YouTube Fans! Not just get to view but download it instead! For own viewing later! Recommend It! *****

Amazing, works great: I downloaded it sceptical: but it is working perfect
Veronica C.