Refund policy and conditions

Refund Policy and Conditions for ESD (Electronic Software Distribution)

The main benefit of electronically distributable software is that Nuclear Coffee products functionality and features can be fully tested prior to purchase using the trial versions. Trial versions has same features as paid version - the only difference is that trial versions can have some limitations (VideoGet - 20 downloads allowed, ConvertVid - 20 converts, DiscRipper - 40 files can be ripped).

If you still have questions about our products after testing the trial version please contact us before purchasing the product.

At Nuclear Coffee sole discretion, we will refund the purchase price for orders which fall into the following categories:

  • The product has been proven to be defective by Nuclear Coffee technical support department.
  • Duplicate orders that have only been made at the Nuclear Coffee store.

There is trial version and all features can be checked using trial. We will only offer a refund within 30 days of the purchase date. To receive a refund for an electronically downloaded product, you must first contact our technical support.

You will need to provide technical support with the following information:
  • Name
  • Order number
  • Product name
  • Serial number(s)
  • The reason for the return